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Banco Popular Dominicano

Category: Banks. Country: Dominican Republic. Today we have the pleasure to present you the Corporate Identity for both, Banco Popular and Grupo Popular. With this new image we reaffirm the essence of our corporate culture, characterized by service excellence, cutting edge technology, trust, leadreship and strength. We also focus on our goal to continue being a relevant company in our nation's present and future. We feel proud to make you part of Popular's new image. This modernization rests on the foundation and values that gave birth to Grupo Popular four decades ago, making it an institution of permanent social value. The president of the Banco Popular, Mr. Manuel A. Grull'n, presented to the communications media the new corporate identity of the bank and the rest of the financial affiliates of the Grupo Popular, characterized by a dynamic updating and adaptation of the traditional symbol of the Popular to the process of globalization and business and cultural transformations of the twenty-first century. During the course of the presentation, the president of the Banco Popular and executive president of the Grupo Popular, Manuel A. Grull'n, told the journalists and leaders of public opinion that these entities have been adapting, throughout their four decades of history, to the changes and progress of Dominican society, as well as to its process of insertion into the international economic and commercial context.
Address: Calle Barahona, Av. 27 de Febrero esq. Barahona Santo Domingo, Phone: 1 809 200 5555    
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Banco Popular Dominicano
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